5 quick tips to make your website rank on top in serps

ADMIN 2020-11-02

Everyone wants to rank their site on top of SERP. Most of them are looking for shortcuts, but there is no no shortcut as such. It takes time to rank the site organically, but you need to follow the right steps. Also, it is important that your site get ranked on top, otherwise you won’t be having enough traffic on your website and this will affect your business.

Here are 5 quick steps to make your website rank on top in SERP. Have a look:


  1. Publish Unique Content : Content is a king for your website and it is the most important key to get your keywords ranked in the top results. Google considers only unique and informative content and gives priority to them only. High-quality content helps you in increasing traffic on respective sites and in improving site authority as well. It is very important to publish unique content without plagiarism with authentic and most searchable keywords.


  1. Be mobile-friendly : Your website must clear the mobile-friendly test as these days most searches are conducted on mobile. Your website must be user-friendly so that it is easy for the new visitors to navigate to your site. Best SEO Company in Delhi can assist you in making a mobile-friendly site. In case, you need help regarding this, connect with a good reputed SEO agency.


  1. Take care of Metadata : It is important to update Metadata whenever you update your site or make changes to it. Title metadata, description metadata, and keyword metadata are all compulsory from an SEO perspective. Make sure the number of characters are as per algorithms while writing Meta description for your website. You can also contact the Best SEO Company in Delhi to get relevant metadata for your site.


  1. Optimize for Speed : Test your website opening speed as it plays a significant role in SERP. You must regularly monitor the speed of your site. There are ways to reduce the loading time, connect with SEO services in Delhi to assist you perfectly on this.


  1. Don’t Avoid Alt tags : Always describe the images and videos using alt tags on your blog or website. This allows search engines to identify your page easily.

If you still need help regarding ranking of your website, connect with the best providing agencies SEO services in Delhi to avail of the best SEO services. The respective team will guide you with everything and will make the right decision to bring your website on top of SERP.